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 Affordable Allergy Solutions

Office Visits for Medical Evaluations:

New patient office visit ( typically 45- 60 minutes): $120.00

Follow-up office visit (typically 15 - 20 minutes): $50.00 

Medical Testing Procedures:

Allergy skin testing: air-borne or food screening (14 allergen panels): $60.00

Allergen skin testing for immunotherapy (46 aeroallergens): $200.00

Allergen skin testing: expanded food screen (46 foods): $200.00

Pulmonary Function testing (flow-volume loop): $40.00

Pulmonary function testing (bronchodilator study): $60.00

Skin testing for fire ant allergy: $20.00 (Bee immunotherapy is not available)



Immunotherapy mix (serum):

Airborne Immunotherapy mix preparation: $300.00 (One set) / $550 (Two sets)  

*3 build-up dilutions and one maintenance vial per set (1st. years supply)

Airborne Immunotherapy *Maintenance vial only (10 mo. supply): $250.00

Fire ant Immunotherapy (3 Build-up dilutions & maintenance vial): $200.00

Fire ant Maintenance refill (10 month supply): $150.00

Allergen injections:$15.00 (single shot) / $20.00 (two shots)

Lab work:per contract pricing (inquire)

CAT Scan of the Nasal Sinuses (low radiation): $200.00

*Payments by Debit or Credit card only

* Our Low Price Guarantee: we will match the cash-pay cost of similar services provided by any other Physician within San Antonio's city limits. 

 *Affordable Allergy Solutions is not contracted with any commercial medical insurances, Medicare or Medicaid and your charges will not be submitted by our office to your insurance providerOut-of -pocket payments (cash or Credit card) for "out-of-network" medical services can, at times, reduce your health insurance annual deductible; if you do have medical coverage with a high deductible, we recommend submitting your bill to your medical insurance carrier.

*If you have Healthcare Insurance Coverage with a low deductible, or you have met your deductible for the year, your allergy & asthma medical services may be covered by your plan. Visit Alamo Asthma & Allergy Associates for services you wish to have billed to your Insurance.


Pricing of Services