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Concierge Service Fees:

1) Annual membership: $1500.00

2) Immunotherapy "add-on": $300 (*single set) / $550. (*two sets)         *Each immunotherapy treatment set can contain up to 10 allergens        *Office visits fees (exceeding 12 covered visits per year): $75.00 / visit

For more information visit www.ConciergeAllergy.com    

Dr. Adrianne Vaughn offers a Concierge Medical Care service  unique to San Antonio Texas.

      Based on the premise that quick access to an experienced physician who is familiar with your medical conditions can reduce your "down-time" from unexpected illness; Concierge Allergy was tailored to meet the needs of those with demanding jobs or careers by allowing for "walk-in" visits with a medical specialist. For the Concierge Allergy participants, all in-office medical procedures related to patient care are provided without additional charges. In addition, all enrolled participants have direct access to the physician's personal pager for urgent medical issues that arise after hours.

Q: What Services does the Concierge Allergy Program provide?

1) Participants are entitled to yearly full panel skin testing with 46 aeroallergens (or foods)

2) All office visits (up to 12 per year) are covered under the yearly concierge fee.

*Since not everyone requires "allergy shots" for effective medical care, immunotherapy serum preparation is offered as a separate "add-on" service. 

4) Pulmonary Function testing, Tympanometry, FeNo (NiOx) testing and Pulse-oximetry are all covered procedures

5) Exclusive access to (2) Saturday (9-10 a.m.) Immunotherapy injection times per month 

Concierge Allergy  & Asthma Services